Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost and Found Philippine ID Cards

An observation

I was lining up for my turn at the counter of Partas in Cubao to send a package home. Posted on the counter’s glass window pane were various lost ID cards of a senior citizen, an SSS member, a student, a professional (PRC -Professional Regulation Commission), creditor and others.

I am not really sure of the policy here in the country with regards to these lost cards. Or perhaps there’s no policy and regulations about them at all. Unlike in Japan with their strong sense of honesty lost items would always find their way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Lost and Found Center.

I have observed also in supermarkets and shops, these lost IDs are displayed together with the photos and faces of humiliated shoplifters. It can be seen on the desk of long-queue-forming-superficial-security-check of MRT/LRT security guards. And due to whatever circumstance those IDs adorn windows, desks, walls and boards of offices, buildings and establishments and even dashboard of public transport or vehicles.

So have you lost an ID, a passport, credit cards, your drivers license and other important documents?

If you have lost something post it here at the comment section. So it will be announced to the public.

Have you found something like IDs or documents lost by someone, then do let us know here as well.

How and What to do:

Take digital photo of those lost ID wanting to be recovered.

Post the photos online to any of the free photo hosting website like yahoo/flickr, picasa/gmail, or your multiply account or a link of photo from your own blog, etc. (post link to the designated blog post).

Or you can also email it to: ( /

Still, want to impress why not geotag it.

Public Service

Let’s help one another. It is too cumbersome to apply for a lost ID. It entails money, lost time, effort plus all those hassles of filling up forms, securing affidavit of lost, queuing lines, dealing with bureaucracy and whatnots.

Let us know where you have found those lost IDs. If you have a digital camera we encourage you to take photos of them and have them posted on this blog (photo line/blog/website link). Or if you do not have access to a digital camera we hope someone out there could volunteer to take fotos of them and have them posted.

Maybe you left your ID in some particular place and could not go to that place because of your circumstance let us know and let us see if there will be volunteer to check it out and verify it for you.

And if you are familiar with the person whose ID have been found, do let the person know about it and the details where it can be reclaim.

Should you find an ID or a document that is important for those people who have lost them you may turn them over to the nearest police station in your place, to your barangay captain and other institutions that you trust.

Disclaimer – There’s no way that the blog author have a way to validate and verify all the information that will be posted here. It is the discretion of those who would claim their ID from anyone to be careful and be sure that you are not taken advantage of by some unscrupulous person. You are advise to be equally vigilant and careful in dealing with any individual claiming to have your ID. Better to request the person to surrender your ID to a neutral or safe place like a police station or other trusted institution or location.

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